Afternoon Tea @Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant


Before flying back to Kuala Lumpur from Manila, I told to my best friend that I will bring her to Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant for some Afternoon Tea as my advance birthday treat to her, and so.. I booked a table for two (window seat), how romantic I am 🙂

It was my 5th time to dine in at Atmosphere 360 but “It’s not how many times you’ve been BUT a companion and a friend who get to spend your time with”


My best friend, the birthday girl ❤

We decided to stopped by at the observation deck first before going to the revolving restaurant. After wandering around, we used the stairs to go up to the revolving restaurant better than using the lift, because it took quite long.



As I requested.. We got the window seat. yehey! Dining at the 6th tallest tower around the world is spectacular, you got to see the city and neighbourhood 282m above ground level. 




We started our afternoon tea by having pastries and  kuih melayu. I could say that it wasn’t perfect, but just a balance taste of sweetness. I took each of it, for us to share.



And next… we had our sandwiches, shanghai’s and a bit of vegetables salad.



Atmosphere 360 also serves different kinds of Roti Prata’s with dal and curry, and my favourite sambal 🙂



Lastly… It is not complete without having a fruits.

Coffee, Tea and Cordial Drinks is also available, you can ask those waiter’s for assistant.



Don’t forget to take picture when your table already in Petronas Tower side 🙂


Won’t be complete without having a photo together 🙂


Final Verdict!

There’s nothing special with the food but most of the visitors paid a visit in KL tower just for the view, so.. I won’t give so much bad comment of that. At Least it was my best friend first time to went up, and as a local Malaysian – this thing is very unusual. haha! I would suggest to try the High Tea, which has a variety of pastries, snack foods and a lot more. Unlike the Afternoon Tea it was just limited. High Tea is only rm10+ difference during weekends, but weekend was my flight, so I had no choice to picked Afternoon Tea.


Afternoon Tea:

Monday – Friday
03:30pm – 05:30pm


PRICE (Promotional price)

Adult (Age 13 onwards) 
RM63.95 Nett

Children (Age 5-12)
RM52.95 Nett

For Reservation online and more information visit to skip the long queue 🙂



Globy Travelling Chef @Boracay


We were starving upon arriving Boracay Island, because we arrived at 2pm in our hotel.. So, the first thing we have to do is to EAT our late lunch.


What got our attention? Is they have a Salo-Salo Promo, which is perfect for us because we are four pax. You can order Ala Carte as well depends on what you prefer.

The concept of the restaurant is simple but such a romantic setting by the beach when the dark comes. If you planning to dine in this restaurant in the evening, and you want to sit near the beach, you may need to come early because it’s gonna be packed.



Beef Bulalo consist of marrow bones and beef shanks which gives the perfect beefy taste of it. And the corn, added the sweet taste of the soup. Enjoying slurping the soup though it’s hot in boracay 🙂


Garlic Kangkong I have to admit, we liked this one. A simple vegetable that turned into delicious meal. It has the same taste with Chinese stir fry kangkong, topped with crunchy garlic.


Beef Lumpia you will be satisfy how meaty the filling is, compare to others which is more on vegetables. We ended up taking this away, because we couldn’t finish it. Well, still taste good though it’s no longer hot, it’s just not crispy anymore.

We ordered Pork Sisig and that Crispy Pork for extra dishes, they are mouth-watering.


Salo Salo comes with rice and a choice of 4 Pepsi or Iced Tea, perfect for sharing with family and friends. You will definitely save a lot!


I also ordered Beef tenderloin for my dinner that day. It was just nice!


I am not disappointed what Globy Travelling Chef has to offer. I am satisfied from the food until the service. Regards to kuya Neil, one of the staff’s of Globy who helped us to get a good deal in our Island Hopping Tour and water activities.


Location: White Beach, Station 1. Boracay

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 7:30AM to 02:00AM


Boracay 2017 with Pasamonte’s Family

Travelling alone is CHALLENGING but also PLEASANT and can be Eye-Opening experience, plus you will gain your Confident leaving up your Comfort Zone.

Travelling with your partner is ROMANTIC and it can be incredibly rewarding experience and it can strengthen a healthy relationship.

And I thought Travelling with FRIEND with his/her Family can be awkward, but I was wrong. I had no hard time dealing with them and they are fun to be with.


When my friend message me that she wanted to bring her mum and her brother to Boracay and she invited me, I told to my friend “This gonna be a family trip, I’m shy to join”. And she replied “It’s okay friend”. Soo, I booked my own ticket.

I am so grateful that I had chance to bond with Pasamonte’s Family for the first time, despite the fact that My friend and I already 10 years being friends. Well, she always visited me at my house, so. she’s more close with my family than me being close to her family. I’m enjoying capturing every moment I had with this family, what a great memories to keep!

Here are some of our Photos back in Boracay…











Club Ten Beach Resort @Boracay, Philippines



Looking for a place to stay anywhere is simple as ABC, because everything now can find online. But what if you have a limited budget for your travel and you know that you will be travelling with your friend and her family. After further searching a hotel which suit to our budget we found Club Ten Beach Resort which is perfect for us.


The concept of Club Ten Beach Resort were derived from Filipino and Latin American. Wondeful garden view and vibrant colors. The location is just 2mins from the beachfront. There are balcony in each room where you can hang your clothes.


2 beds downstairs
1 bed upstairs

We booked a family room @ Php 8,640 inclusive of 10% tax for 4 Days 3 Nights through, original price was Php 3,600 per night.









SILOG’s for breakfast.. a very common FILIPINO Breakfast.. Pork Silog and Chicken Silog is too salty. if you don’t want to eat rice just tell to receptionist to change it into bread. The receptionist will ask the guest’s what you want for breakfast the night before.



Overall.. I am satisfied with my stay and we saved a lot of money for our accomodation in Boracay. The place is safety because they have 24 hours security guard on shift. Staff’s are very friendly and welcomed us with their great smile. Thanks Club Ten Beach Resort Boracay.



Location: Station 1, Boracay Island

Phone Number: (036) 288 6024




Desgo Hot Pot 大帅锅火锅 @Dela Rosa Street, Makati



Steamboat or Hotpot is getting more and more popular in the Philippines. What so cool about it? There’s simply something special about this cook-it-yourself experience that keeps you coming back for more. And you don’t actually need to have an expensive 5 to 8 dishes chinese dinner together with your friends and family. Just enjoy swishing those thinly sliced meats, vegetables, fish balls and dip them into your favorite sauces.


Huge Bird Cage at the interior of the restaurant, you can sit there and feel like a huge bird 🙂 And that super cute and colorful chairs which give a total vibrant of the restaurant.


Desgo Hot Pot offers 20+ sauces and spices for dipping sauce. Make your own delicious dipping sauce (Php 59.84 per person).


Choose 2 soup styles @ Php 580. There are plenty of soup choices that make every steamboat meal different. Hot and Spicy Style, Clear Original Broth, Tomato Style, Curry Style, Pickle Style. We chose Clear Original Both and Hot and Spicy Style, just a perfect balance. Hot and Spicy style- to those who want’s some kick of spiciness, and Clear Original Broth to those non spicy eater like me 🙂



List of we order:

  1. Angus Beef– Php 422.4
  2. Pork– Php 431.2
  3. Enoki Mushroom- Php 149.6
  4. Enoki Mushroom Bacon Roll– Php 246.4
  5. Duck Blood– Php 167.2
  6. Cowhells– Php 281.6
  7. Fish Ball– Php 220
  8. Mushroom Ball– Php 237.6
  9. Crab Stick– Php 299.2
  10. Corn– Php 79.20
  11. Baby Corn– Php 158.4
  12. Frozen Tofu– Php 88
  13. Tofu Puff– Php 132
  14. King Oyster Mushroom- Php 167.2
  15. Rice– Php 30.80
  16. Fast Noodle– Php 79.20
  17. Udon Noodle– Php 105.6
  18. Chinese Sweet Tea– Php 52.80
  19. Coke– Php 52.80
  20. Soy Milk- Php 105.6

*Price shown is subjected to 10% discount – If you upload a photo taken in their restaurant on your social media and tag their FB PAGE and LIKE at


LocationG/F, Victoria de Makati, Washington Street corner Dela Rosa Street, Makati, Metro Manila

Contact Number0905 338 7363

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (24hrs)

DiCoFi @Salcedo Village, Makati

Fancy some Vietnamese food? Then head to DiCoFi at Salcedo Village, Makati where truly delicious Vietnamese dishes can be found. One more thing? Vietnam is famous for their Vietnamese “Coffee“, is an additional reason to visit this restaurant known for “good coffee” because of strong and sweet taste (review from some other blogger). I don’t drink coffee for some medical issue, but let me give you guys an insight of their yummynesssss food…


Simple yet cool interior. Love ❤



Traditional Vietnamese Hat inspiration as light/lamp shades.. WOW!! Simple yet INGENIOUS ..




Mango Shake @Php 110 the freshly blend ripe mango, well.. it’s quite standard stuff but I only can drink “coffee free“. I love my drink to be in paper cup because you can take them away if you couldn’t finish it without asking the staff for her assistance 🙂


Lemongrass Beef Stir-fry @Php 180 effortless food yet incredible taste. The mixture of nice salty, sweet, sour of the fish sauce is soooo appetizing. And topped with strip beef- it’s a perfect combination, along with the fresh lettuce and white onions. What an incredible food.


Spicy Beef Noodle Soup @Php 200 the soup dictates that it simmered for long hours because of it’s richer broth flavor, it’s so beefy. And you will be surprise under the soup, it has a lot of beef, not just 1 2 3 slices of meat but 4 big slices.


Location: Valero Plaza Condominium, San Agustin St., Salcedo Village, Makati, 1227 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0915 798 6788

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday : 8AM-10PM / Sat and Sun : 9:00AM – 9:00PM

Tai Koo HK Roast @ Salcedo Village, Makati


Since we heard that there’s one “Hong Kong Restaurant” just opened nearby our place, we didn’t hesitate to go and try. We visited the one in Salcedo Village, Makati. Tai Koo restaurant also have branch in McKinley Hill, Taguig City. As a bit of information, this restaurant opened in month of July 2017 owned and optd. by 168 Serendipity Ventures Inc.

Order and pay your food first at the counter and they’ll give you a table number.


You can always watch their chef’s making and cooking your food at their transparent kitchen.


Those hanging Roasted chicken, ducks and pork looks TEMPTING !!!!!


Free Soup!!!!

Pork and Shrimp Siomai – Php 88

Pork and Shrimp Siomai @ 88 – The dumpling is skillfully prepared. Perfect size with a nice proportion of meat and prawn.

Hakaw – Php 88

Hakaw @ Php 88 – I think they need more practice for this one, the skin already break when it served. It taste sour for me and it kinda ruin the entire taste of it.

Gai Lan @ Php78

Gai Lan @ Php78 – very nice serving and the vegetables sliced evenly.

Soy Chicken Rice @ Php 178

Soy Chicken Rice @ Php 178 – This dish is very common, nothing special with the taste though. I still prefer chicken adobo. lol

HK Roast Duck Rice Solo – Php 228

HK Roast Duck Rice Solo @ Php 228 – This is just small portion, but the roasted duck is tasty as it’s best. I think the price is pricey for this portion.


Stylish plates and bowls!! Like Japanese concept tableware

Verdict!! For me having a strong taste in Chinese delicacies, this restaurant is “just nice”. I couldn’t say it’s delicious nor authentic.


Location: L.P. Leviste Street, Makati, Metro Manila

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11AM to 11PM