Sultan Mediterranean Grill, Salcedo Village, Makati


You don’t have to fly across an ocean to taste a robust Mediterranean cooking because Sultan Mediterranean Grill is here to cater us with their Mediterranean dishes. Whip up their meal to take  you to Italy, Greece, Turkey, or an exotic island in the Mediterranean. Enjoy their wonderful lamb, steaks and flavorful kebabs.


Mango Yogurt Shake – Php 100

I was surprised the taste of their Mango Yogurt Shake, I wasn’t disappointed because you really could taste the yogurt in it and the perfect combination of sweet Mango. And one more thing- the price is cheaper compare to other restaurants,  because we are talking a yogurt shake in here not just a simple fruit shake or smoothie- so, it’s worth it.


Moussaka – Php 220

It’s an eggplant layered with ground beef and rich in tomato sauce and a spiced of cinnamon. And to make it perfect- they topped it with Béchamel sauce(white sauce), it turned out delightful golden brown and a savory smell. Serve with Pita bread !


Special Kabab Plate – Php 300

Choice of Koobideh and any stick of Kebab served with rice and sliced tomatoes,onions and cucumber. Kebab Plate’s – is is one of the recommended in their menu, must try this! They also have Chicken kebab, Fish Kebab and Seafood kebab.




Braised Lamb Shank – Php 550

Juicy Lamb Shanks stewed and braised with spices, served with buttered rice. The lamb is so flavorful and soft- It is really melt-in-your-mouth lamb. It’s perfect combination with the buttery rice. The serving is quite big which is good to share.


Shawarma – Php 140

You can choose either beef, chicken or seafood. I chose beef shawarma with additional cheese (php 20). Their shawarma is not a typical shawarma which is thinly sliced meat, they used ground meat and it comes out DELICIOUS.


Overall,  I am satisfied. It’s not my first time to try their food, though we ordered for take away before and they gave us a wrong food- I was quite disappointed of course. But having in – in the restaurant itself is totally different. You will feel delightful with the kindness and service with the staff’s- thumbs up.









Location: UG9 Valero Plaza Condominium 124 San Augustin, Makati, Metro Manila

Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday | 11am to 10pm

Phone(02) 894 5909


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